Ein paar Tage Langsamkeit ~ Slowing Down For a Few Days

I have been in bed for the last couple of days, curing from a nasty cold. And while the illness was quite rough, I enjoyed not being able to do anything but sleeping, reading, knitting and daydreaming.

While I watched the days pass by I once more realized that I am far from living a slow live. I cannot even remember the last time I allowed myself to spend a day like this. Even if I have a day off, I would normally put so much in it that at the end of the day I would be exhausted instead of rested. I enjoy what I would do, gardening, homekeeping, going out and about. But in the end there is only so much I can fit into my time and it seems like I have to reassess what simple and slow living means to me, and what I can realize at this point in my life, without being overwhelmed by it all.


Ich habe die letzten paar Tage mit einer Erkältung im Bett verbracht, dazu gezwungen mir die Ruhe zu gönnen die ich dringend brauchte. Und auch wenn mich die Krankheit ganz schön mitgenommen hat, habe ich es genossen nichts tun zu können außer zu schlafen, zu lesen, zu stricken und Tagträumen nachzugehen.

Während ich die Tage vorbei ziehen ließ wurde mir mal wieder klar, wie weit ich eigentlich davon entfernt bin, langsam zu leben. Ich weiß garnicht mehr, wann ich mir das letzte Mal einen wirklich freien Tag gegönnt habe, an dem ich nicht so viel gemacht habe, dass ich am Ende völlig erschöpft war. Schöne Dinge zwar, gärtnern, im und am Haus arbeiten, Ausflüge machen, aber auch schöne Unternehmungen kosten natürlich Zeit und Energie. Ich glaube ich sollte mir Gedanken machen, was langsam leben für mich bedeutet und was ich zum jetzigen Zeitpunkt umsetzen kann ohne mich zu überfordern.


9 Gedanken zu “Ein paar Tage Langsamkeit ~ Slowing Down For a Few Days

  1. A wonderful post, thank you for sharing your feelings. So many slow living blogs are all about the things you can do, not the mindset that’s behind it. I think we need both to live a truly simple life. I too am working on caring for myself and for the earth in a balanced way.
    Hope you feel better soon,

    • Thank you Fiona, I do feel better already. Maybe I needed this illness as a reminder that taking good care for myself should be part of living more conciously.

  2. Thank you for sharing you thoughts. I’ve nothing to add.

    Therefore, I’m going to do NOTHING this afternoon. I just came home and saw the many chores that need to be done. However, NOT TODAY. I’ve done enought already although it’s only 3 o’clock. 7 hard lessons at school with almost no break is enough, isn’t it?

  3. That second paragraph is so pertinent for me.

    I work at home, in a studio in my house, and it might seem like I have plenty of down time, but in reality, I never quite do. I find it hard to take a break ~ I struggle to find a balance.

    ‚reassess what simple and slow living means to me, and what I can realize at this point in my life‘

    yes. me too.

    • I can imagine that working from home requires even more dificult to grant yourself some time off. I had a similar situation as a student and did not manage too well.

  4. Hey there, thanks for that post. It’s quite hard for me to stop myself from putting way to much things to do into my days as well. What is quite interesting though is that I often seem get less things done when I have more free time, because all the things I want to rush trough in my free time effectively result in result in pressure which itself can lead to resignation.
    I guess a realistic approach of planning or just taking out a marker to write a big „NOTHING“ in your calendar for a few days in a month would be good point to start.

    PS: I like that cat 😉

  5. I just come from a small holiday with „my best half“ (as the Germans say 🙂 ) It was so HARD to leave home and all the stuff to do, it took 2 days to forget everything and go back in a pleasant mood…and than I came home again….33 mails in one of the mail-boxes…I don’t dare to look in the other 2. uff!

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